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Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Project

Lithium-ion battery recycling involves shredding, sorting and refining to make the batteries safe and to recover valuable metals for reuse. ACN 630 589 507 Pty Ltd (ACN 630) (a wholly owned Australian subsidiary of ASX listed Neometals Ltd) has developed a proprietary, sustainable process for the recovery of valuable constituents from cell production scrap and end-of-life LiBs. The process targets the recovery of valuable materials from consumer electronic batteries (devices with lithium cobalt oxide cathodes) and nickel-rich electric vehicle and stationary storage battery chemistries (lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt cathode). 

ACN 630 is the owner and head licensor of the patent applications and associated know-how that underpins this process (the Technology). The Technology has been the subject of five years of research and development by Neometals, including bench and pilot trials, feasibility studies and engineering. This has culminated in a recycling commercialisation joint venture (“Primobius GmbH”) between Neometals and large privately owned German engineering firm SMS Group GmbH (SMS). The Technology has been substantially de-risked.

In May 2019 Critical Metals Ltd entered into a transaction with ACN 630 that gave Critical Metals an exclusive license to commercialise the Technology in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. In September 2021, Critical Metals announced that it had signed a binding memorandum of understanding with ASX listed Hannans Ltd, providing Hannans with a sub-license to commercialise Technology in the licensed territories. In September 2022 Critical Metals formalised the transaction with Hannans by entering into a collaboration agreement and sub-licence agreement. If Hannans makes a positive investment decision and enters a binding engineering, procurement, and construction agreement for a LiB recycling plant, Critical Metals can either (a) co-contribute to all future construction costs of the new plant (capital and operating costs), in which case, each party would have a 50% equity interest in the plant, or (b) its equity interest in the plant will be diluted pro-rata to its relative funding contribution.

For further information refer to www.primobius.com and www.hannans.com. 



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